DAVIDOFF Aniversario No.1 LE 2023

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The Davidoff Aniversario No. 1 double corona with its impressive size allows for a pronounced development of all three parts of the cigar, during which the blend's sophisticated taste is brought out nicely. In the first third, herbal aromas complement warm notes of cedar wood and cream. Moving on, citrus and fresh spice are dominated by savoury notes of roasted nuts. As the cigar approaches its grand finale, hints of fresh spice harmonise with flavours of walnuts and cedar wood.

The Aniversario No.1 Limited Edition Collection is the third release out of a series of four exclusive limited editions of the Davidoff White Band Collection.

The majestic cigar delights aficionados with balanced flavours of cedar wood, roasted nuts and fresh spice and is an ideal present for collectors around the world. With a remarkable enjoyment time of 140 minutes, the double corona offers appreciators of the cigar a unique opportunity to create new memories while reminiscing about moments past with this masterpiece.

Limited to 20,800 boxes worldwide.


Marca: Davidoff

Nome: Aniversario No.1

Format: Double Corona

Size: 8,6" x 48


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