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"The cigar is a great resource because it misleads hunger, defeats boredom, reassures, helps to reflect and often brings to mind sweet memories.

"The duke of Rochefoucauld-Liancourt , in 1795"

About us

Passion and creativity : the plus that with great professionalism and the constant pursuit of excellence make of Cigar Must a prestigious player in the "slow smoking" world.

The brand

Cigar Must was born in 2014 with the mission to offer the domanding cigar connoisseur everything he must have, expanding the offer to objects and products without equal.

Casa del Habano

"La Casa del Habano" is a concept of success all over the world created by Habanos SA, owner of the rights on all the cuban brands.

             CigarMust - Lugano

Cigar Must Lugano is the prestigious store in the heart of Lugano, overlooking the central Piazza Riforma.

            CigarMust - St Moritz

"Cigar Must St. Moritz" is a point of reference for "slow smoking" fans in St. Moritz, the alpine resorts known to the world as an icon of elegance and exclusivity.


         La Casa del Habano

In harmony with the sophisticated atmosphere of Lugano, a few steps from Via Nassa, takes place "La Casa del Habano Lugano", a luxurious boutique where the "slow smoking" world meets the excellence of products dedicated to the male universe.

              Cigarmust - Ascona

Ascona, an exclusive resort and a paradise overlooking the lake, with an extraordinary past full of history, art and culture. Cigar Must is the prestigious store located on the Pearl of Ticino waterfront.